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Heather Sorelli : Creation Mode

Heather’s work is inspired by emotions caused by colors, temperature, geographical regions, and sometimes even dreams. In most cases, it's abstract in nature, non-subjective for the most part, evoking the wide-open landscapes and emotions that their titles may likely suggest…'Little Fiji'...'Shanghai Doctrine'...'Tahitian Instinct'…'Tuvalu Tantrum'. 

Her latest projects have returned her to her first love, interior design, both residential and commercial. The hospitality industry and various commercial and corporate clients have shown great interest in her works, and she has had exhibitions internationally. 




With no formal training, her particular strengths lie in the imaginative usage of color, manipulation of texture, and layering. She's stated that creating is intensely cathartic for her. 

Designers, both commercial and residential, often seek out her work for various projects. Limited edition reproductions are popular as well as any available original pieces.  


the artist on her wedding day -  photo credit: Carol Harrold Photography

the artist on her wedding day - photo credit: Carol Harrold Photography

Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.
— stella adler